French Rustic Luxury Bathroom

Plantation, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

The Story

A little French with a dose of rustic was the inspiration for this master bath.  We were tasked with examining EVERY aspect of the space and deciding on the best functional layout.  We drafted a new floor plan, moved a wall, removed soffits, and created a wonderful large shower.

The focal point became the stacked slate wall above the whirlpool tub, housing both a gas fireplace and flat screen TV.  This sets the mood of a space intended for relaxation, enjoyment, and a little pampering as well.

the results

Winner 1st Place, 2012 (Planning and Design of a Bathroom | First Coast Remodelers Council)

There is more functional storage, the lighting is greatly improved, the air-movement and ventilation are significantly better — all the while environmentally responsible  BEAUTIFUL products were used.